Mountain biking in the south west of Mallorca.

Mallorca the place to be! It's a bikers paradise! You'll find it out very quickly on our guided mountain bike tours.

Apart from simple routes along beaches, Mallorca offers especially great single trails of all difficulty levels. We put together over 20 routes in the southwest of the island. Our guided tours depending on the group level. Biking from the mountain to the sea is possible. On wide fireroads to historic farms and historic fire places, through stone-oak forests or on old military areas. Along cliffs, through narrow gorges or on exposed mountain paths, the diversity can not be better.
From sea level up to 700 meters and then back down. Depending on the difficulty of the tour there can be sometimes a short push section in it. But for sure: It will be worth it.


Right behind our Bike Station in Paguera we have a Trail Park for riding technique sessions or simply for fun. There are eight different tracks on various levels, so that everyone can enjoy their ride.

XC Race Course

Right behind Magaluf (about 8 km from Paguera) is a cross country race course. This one has a bit of everything. Steep descends, root sections, jumps, demanding climbs. Here you can train especially for cross country racing.

Downhill tracks

Downhillers may use the downhill tracks in Monport or at Col de Sa Creu. Shuttle possibilities on request.

Rental bikes

Our Rental bikes e.g. Canyon Spectral with Rock Shox Reverb dropper seat post are fitting perfectly to the trails of Mallorca. Wide Continental tires enhances driving pleasure as well as the mounted Shimano XT disc brakes. For Enduro riders we have some Canyon Strive AL with shape shifter available.


Bike skills

Basic technical skills are required. There are twisty sections, tracks with loose ground and obstacles may appear late. Small roots and rocks need to be crossed. Small obstacles, gullies or other erosion damage may appear. Obstacles can be rolled over. Trails are usually not solid and have larger roots and rocks, lower steps, descends are getting steep for short sections, easy switchbacks, advanced driving techniques required. Switchbacks, as well with steps, tricky lateral gradients occur, relaxed roll sections are getting rare. Slippery surfaces, loose gravel, descends are getting steeper, combined with loose gravel. Very steep, dificuilt single trails with large boulders and/ or demanding root passages. Very good bike skills and concentration are required. Accurate brake and very good balance are necessary.


Basic endurance and fitness, several times a month you do some kind of sport, on a roadbike or a mountain bike. You don´t stop at each little climb. Tour recommendation: The easy tours are ideal for you to get used to Mallorca. 1-2 times per week you can try a medium Tour as well. Your are going 1-3 times weekly with a mountain bike on tours of varying length. You call it „your hobby“ , you climb mountains up to 500 heightmeters without a break. Tour recommendation: 80% of our tours are possible for you. Look out for the blue and red tours. You ride 2-4 times a week with your Mountain bike or road bike, you might even participate in one or the other hobby races (Marathon, XC, Enduro) or you have experience in stage trips with many vertical meters a day. You know how a climb of 1000 hm feels like. A total climb of 2000 altitude meters/ day is possible. You can ride all our tours.


07.10.2019 - 12.10.2019
14.10.2019 - 19.10.2019

Guidance by professional guides.
Mondays always technique training and start in the Paguera Trail Park.
4 more guided tours, Selection of more than 20 different tours.
Tourstart always 10am directly at the bike station PAGUERA.
Photos of each tour for download.

Price for the weekly programm: 80,-
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Otto Karotsch


Detailed route descriptions, routes, GPS Downloads found her on our website in the Helpdesk.


La Dragonera
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 38 km, 1100hm, Von Paguera über Andratx nach St.Elm. Singltrails garantiert, viele Kombinationsmöglichkeiten unterwegs. Badebucht oder Cafe stehen als Pause zur Auswahl.
Finca Galatzo
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 34 km, 900hm, Von Paguera über Santa Ponsa zur Finca Galatzo. Zurück in Richtung Küste und noch ein Turn zur Cala Monjo. Badebucht oder Cafe stehen auch hier zur Auswahl.
Cala Egos
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 3

ca. 30 km, 1150hm, Von Paguera nach Port Andratx. Von dort gehts weiter zur Cala Egos und einem Stop an dieser traumhafen Badebucht. Zurück nach Paguera direkt oder als Zusatz noch an der Cala Monjo vorbei.
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 30 km, 1000hm. Von Paguera durch den Torrente Galatzo und auf alten Eselspfaden zum höchst gelegenen Dorf Mallorcas. Einkehr oder einfach nur Aussicht genießen. Zurück über das grüne Tal.
Zum Boot in den Bergen
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 30 km, 1100hm. Von Paguera nach Antratx. Das kalte Tal (Sa Coma Freda) hinauf zum Boot in den Bergen. Vorbei an der Burg (Son Castell) über S’Arracó nach Port d’Antratx und dort einfach das Treiben im Hafen beobachten.
Auf dem Stier zu den Piraten
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 36km, 800hm. Start in Paguera über Santa Ponca nach El Toro (der Stier). Herrliche Aussicht an der Steilküste mit Abstecher zur Drei-Finger-Bucht Portals Vells am Strand des Magiers (Der Film El Mago mit Antony Quinn, Michael Caine und Candice Bergen wurde hier 1967 gedreht). Zurück über El Toro
Serra de Na Burgesa
Fahrtechnik 2 | Kondition 2

ca. 50km, 1100hm. Einfache Anfahrt von Paguera aus über Calviá zum Höhenzug Serra de Na Burgesa. Atemberaubende Sicht auf Palma und die Bucht von Palma. Rückfahrt über Radweg vorbei an Magaluf und Santa Ponca.
Durchs kalte und warme Tal
Fahrtechnik 1 | Kondition 2

ca. 40km, 1000hm. Von Paguera aus über Camp de Mar nach Antratx. Parallel zur Küstenstraße das kalte Tal (Sa Coma Freda), vorbei an Oliven- Mandel- und Orangenhainen hinauf, um gleich auf der anderen Seite das warme Tal (Sa Coma Calenta) hinunter zu fahren. Durchs Felsentor (Col n’Esteve) über das grüne Tal (Val verde) zurück nach Paguera.
Die schweigenden Mönche
Fahrtechnik 3 | Kondition 3

ca. 50km, 1200hm. Von Paguera nach Port Antratx und weiter nach S’Arraco zur Klosterruine La Trappa. Steiler, sehr anstrengender Anstieg zum Pass der sechs Esel (Coll de ses Animes). Grandioser Blick auf die Insel Dargonera und die Klosteranlage. Der ideale Platz, um die mitgebrachte Verpflegung in klösterlicher Ruhe und Abgeschiedenheit zu genießen. Zurück auf dem gleichen Weg.